Bonded Tape applications and edge finishes

Mainly for panty legs and bra wings
zero or no chaffing
No visible panty line when worn with body hugging garmentsAesthetically appealing

Bonded Straps

These are mainly used for bras as bra straps.
Comfortable compared to conventional sewn straps’
Aesthetically appealing
Lesser pain on shoulders

Bonded waist bands

Mainly for Active wear, Yoga pants, underwear
No chafing
Anti ridding
Smoother stretch

Bonded laser cuts

Use for Swimwear, intimates wear and  active wear.
Vapour ventilation,
Decorative finishes
less bulky,
No chafing

Die cut applications

Swimwear, intimates wear, active wear
Vapour ventilation,
Decorative finishes
less bulky,
No chafing
No yellowing

Bonded pockets

Mainly use for sportswear, leisure wear and athleisure as key pockets, coin pockets and phone and music player pockets
cleaner and finer construction gives wearer the ultimate freedom of carrying out sports without any disturbance.
Lower aero dynamic drag

No chafing

Compression panels

Muscle compression for sports wear
Shape enhancement

Improve muscle performance for sports wear,
Improve muscle recovery after workouts
Compress bulging muscles to shape body
Anti bouncing action during work outs


Use for Intimates bras and Sports bras
Higher modulus
Directional perspiration flow
water proofing


use for Intimates bras , Sports bras
Bonded moulded bras for anti bouncing, compression, comfort and shaping.