About Us

Bondville is an innovative bonded apparel manufacturing company, led by dynamic and diverse professionals with years of experience from different walks of life. Our utmost priority is providing innovative and high-quality solutions in the evolving bonded apparel space to our valued customers.
Bondville was established in March 2010 as Bondville (Pvt) Ltd under the “Registration of the Companies Act” in Sri Lanka under registration number PV 77667. We specialize in providing customized bonded apparel solutions to a wide range of customers, such as well-known global apparel brands, innovative apparel startups, and leading apparel manufacturers.
Bonded garments have evolved by abandoning the sewing techniques of using needles and thread as the main joining method. Over the last five years, brands in the global garment sphere have started increasingly relying on bonding techniques to join fabric panels, create hems and incorporate features like pockets and patterns. Hence, Bondville has heavily invested in its RnD and innovated this technology with great confidence as a full garment solution provider, capable of delivering the bulk of these bonded products in an extremely short time limit. Our state-of-the-art bonding products have been proven in some of the latest designs by leading apparel brands for body ware, intimate apparel, and technical outerwear.

Our Vision

Global leader in innovative apparel.

Our Culture

Our culture is driven by our key values, which are passion, innovativeness, and integrity. Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality and value to our customers while ensuring environmental sustainability and the wellbeing of our employees.

Leadership Team

Pahan Vithanage
Pahan is a visionary leader who started the journey of building Bondville by stepping away from his lucrative executive engineering job. Bondville has gone through a tremendous growth journey under his leadership.
Pahan has an engineering and management background with a B Sc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Moratuwa (2004) and an MBA from the University of Colombo (2009). Prior to founding Bondville, he was the head of the Ardmel engineering division. Pahan likes reading and exploring nature in his spare time. He is a certified diver and a diving enthusiast as well.
Nilmini Dassanayake
Nilmini is a charismatic and dynamic leader with a proven track record in different roles spanning from engineering to management to finance. She is a founding member and a key contributor to Bondville’s success story.
Nilmini holds a B Sc in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of Moratuwa (2004) and an MBA from the University of Colombo (2009). Prior to joining Bondville as a co-founder, she led the consultancy team for system implementation and engineering at Fast React Systems.She likes singing, music, and charity work in her free time.
Gayan Yapa
Gayan is an innovative thought leader and technology expert with decades of experience in apparel-related technologies along with several filed patents. Gayan has been a key contributor to Bondville’s extraordinary growth journey since the company’s inception.
Gayan holds a B Sc in Textile Engineering (2005) and an M Eng in Mechanical Engineering (2010) from the University of Moratuwa. He was the Head of Innovation at Linea Aqua (a subsidiary of MAS Holdings) prior to co-founding Bondville. Gayan likes cycling and camping with friends, as well as wildlife photography in his spare time.