About Us

Bondville(Pvt) Ltd, established in March 2010, registered under the registration of the Companies Act.(Reg No: Pv 77667) and located in the Western Province of Sri Lanka, deals with the manufacture of customized bonded tapes and bondable accessories, much sought after by bonded garment manufacturers at present.Being one of the forerunners in the industry,Bondville products are in great demand by apparel  manufacturers who have gone into bonded garments after abandoning the sewing techniques of using needles and thread as the main joining method. Over the last five years brands in the global garment sphere have started increasingly relying on bonding techniques to join fabric panels, create hems and incorporate features like pockets and patterns. Hence, Bondville has entered this business domain with much confidence, as a full garment solution provider capable of delivering a bulk of these bonded products in an absolutely short time limit.

This state-of – the- art bonding products developed by Bondville has been proven in some of the latest designs for body ware, intimate apparels and technical outwear manufactured by leading garment exporters in Sri Lanka as well as  South Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh and Cambodia.

Mission and futurevision:

As a leading supplier of bonded tapes and bondable accessories,Bondeville’ sunwarering mission is to supply the most innovative bonded solutions to its customers ensuring speed, quality and value.


Going by the success and demand that Bondeville has received during this short period their paramount vision is to be the world leader in bonded apparel solution.

Company Structure ( Use the graphic)


Workforce andfactory  facility

Bondville is a business venture solely assuring the protection of the environment andalso employs  an experienced as well as dedicated  workforce of 100 at present. And with the vision to expand its production activities the workforce will be increased to 300 in the near future.

At the present the production activities are performed in a  complex which is of 4000 square feet. And by the end of 2018 the company hopes to enlarge the factory complex to 15,000 squarefeet.