Welcome To Bondville

Bondville (Pvt) Ltd is a leading bonded apparel manufacturer in Sri Lanka, which is pioneering in customized one-stop solutions for bonded apparel manufacturing and innovation.

Innovative Technology

Bondville puts in enormous effort in order to deliver the best innovations in bonded apparel manufacturing to our customers. This enables our customers to be ahead of their competitive brands in the innovation and technology cycle.

Sustainability and Wellbeing

One of Bondville’s key focus areas is achieving sustainability in our manufacturing process while continually improving the wellbeing of our workforce.

High Quality Manufacturing

Bondville’s utmost priority is to achieve the highest quality in bonded apparel manufacturing. So we are continuously improving the quality of our manufacturing process, which will save time and money for our customers.

Our Customers

Global Brands

We do design and contract manufacturing of bonded apparel solutions for global apparel brands.

Apparel Startups

We provide innovative solutions for new apparel startup brands to make novel ideas a reality.

Apparel Manufacturers

We do subcontracting of bonded apparel components for leading apparel manufacturers.
“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Bondville’s team and factory! They create high-end, clean finished garments with innovative bonding techniques, making them cutting-edge in the industry. Their solution-oriented team and globalized partnership have helped my brand go international within just a few months. They are a factory and a team that I know I can trust with my product and brand.”

Jessica Krupa
Founder & Designer
Panty Promise LLC

Our Solutions

Bondville provides one-stop custom bonded apparel solutions for our customers.

Our Products

Bondville has a range of bonded apparel products with the highest quality standards.